Rolly Polly was a project I solo developed entirely by myself, and everything within that project I developed. It was one of the first projects I have ever worked on for mobile/android devices, and it was fun, it was a little game that was similar to an endless runner however it made use of procedurally generated 3D content to ensure the level never ends. The objective was to gather gems and survive for as long as possible. The more gems you collected the more you could buy as a player from the in-game store.

While the game did not feature in-app purchasing, it did have a store where gems could be spent on different balls (which had their own physics profiles), you could also customise the look and style of the game cosmetically. It was a simple idea, one that I shaped and brought to life.

I wanted to do a project myself to gain valuable skills when developing for a mobile device, I also wanted to have some project released and distributed, and for a solo develop google/mobile seemed to be the best and smartest choice. Unlike my other projects I have worked on freelancing for studios, I did not have the resources to develop something that huge, instead I settled with a mobile rolling game.

the player has 1 goal, survive, and they do this by avoiding traps, level triggers and staying on the path without falling off. As the player collects gems, the game begins to speed up, so you have a progression in the level in regards to its difficulty and its speed, the longer you survive the harder it gets.

I won’t dwell on this project, however, it is a project that I could not possibly discuss everything I did on it, as I did everything, from the style, theme, programming, UI and more.

The game is also relatively simplistic but demonstrates my skills as a UE4 developer and freelancer. Rolly Polly was rebooted by myself this year and thus is available for download via the google play store on any android devices that are running Android 19 through to Android 29+.

Download Rolly Polly Rebooted
I believe the project demonstrates a lot of my experience, but it is by no means perfect, but I managed the project, I completed it, and I released it, which in itself marks a proud achievement for me as someone who specialises in programming