New dawn is a personal project of mine that is much larger than the scope of Rolly Polly, I wanted to take my experience from Shadows of Athesia and create a multiplayer FPS, there isn’t much to fully go into detail on as the project is personal and still ongoing. The idea is to create an open-world FPS where players would drop in and fight till the death, however, I wanted to give it a twist from all the other standard FPS games out there, and that was an emphasis on loot, movement and accuracy.

A player would be required to pick up loot and scavenge for weapons and armour and so on before they could take a fight. This would create an interesting dynamic for a deathmatch or team deathmatch FPS, as my concept was to give users some kind of device, like a grapple so they could keep movement speed high, but also with a higher TTK then most FPS games, it would create an interesting dynamic, in which battles would last longer, they would be more chaos, shot by multiple angles, flanks, and you would need to keep moving, bouncing, wall climbing to survive.

I feel like this concept in an arena-style fight up with emphasis on movement, dodging and accuracy would be something special. Imagine in this open level design there are 100 people in teams of 2 or 4, it would also feature a solo mode, so the player would be on their own. It is a new concept that takes some of the exciting elements from a BR style game but focuses more on a deathmatch style of play.

Currently, in this project, I have blocked out most of the map and I have the initial style/theme down. I am currently working on asset creation, but there are some areas of the map that are finished to give you a feel for the map obviously this is taking a while but the progress to date is pretty solid.

However, this is limited to an area or 2, the majority of the map is still blocked, but it should give you an idea of the areas I am working on and developing until eventually, it will all look like the above 2 pictures and with a lot more detail, the world is already becoming quite vibrant and colourful, and will continue work on this, I feel it will be a strong project. However, my freelance work will always take priority.

New Dawn is a project that for me, is exciting because normally when it comes to UE4, a lot of the studios are using visual scripting, either that or they are cross programming using both C++ and Visual Scripting, but with New Dawn, I am writing it entirely in C++ and with only very limited visual scripting, so it is taking longer to complete, but it is pushing my experience and my programming skills to a whole new level.

With this being one of my recent projects and a project I am still working on, that is another solo developed project like Rolly Polly, I can’t really say much about it. The rest my friends is up to your imagination with this one. Below is a gallery of the work so far, so you can see my expertise.