Admittedly this was one of my first projects as a game developer, it was a story-driven single-player tactical shooter. Our goal was simple, take turn-based games to the next level, and we succeeded in that, we shaped a beautiful world, and I had built some solid foundations for the game.

Battle for Enkeon, was a sci-fi orientated project, one I had spent a lot of time developing with some friends, we drove this project all the way through to a kick-starter which I will talk about in just a second.

Tranquillian, a super drug that was used to develop super soldiers just before and during the invasion of Enkeon, while the creation process and injection process was messy, no one could argue with the results

Here we have some other concepts for the invasion. The idea of this project was to save a planet in the distant galaxy called Enkeon, hence the name “Battle for Enkeon”, we had plans to incorporate a small RPG based system to gather resources, a headquarters which was expandable and upgradable, this would be done to unlock more advanced equipment for your units while the fight for Enkeon rages. Finally Battle for Enkeon (BFE) was mainly turn-based and tactical, so you would be required to strategize your movements and work flanking angles.

An abandoned warehouse concept which has sustained a lot of damage from the invasion

While developing BFE, I had concepts made for a range of various areas and levels, along with characters and models, and I managed to get things into motion and turning the concepts into game assets, later creating a teaser trailer.

Above you can see a range of concepts for attire, unit types, main characters and much more. I worked closely with the artist to develop these concepts and bring this vision to life, and while working with the artist we managed to finalise most concepts for Battle for Enkeon. Bringing these characters to life in Unreal Engine was one of the best and most satisfying things I ever did.

Battle for Enkeon was about so much more than just the invasion, we had developed a history, a planet, a compelling story, I created a living version of events.

Battle for Enkeon had shown me exactly how things should be done and to great success, through many trials, tribulations, joys and frustrations, Enkeon was born. During the development of this project I was able to save up so that myself and the other project leads could hire a company to promote our work, maybe it was too soon, but, it was a decision we made as a team nonetheless. This was quickly followed up by a Kickstarter trailer and project release.

Kickstarter Link

Unfortunately, as you can see the Kickstarter did not reach its intended goal, and so we had no choice but to cancel the project.